Monday, December 3, 2012

Free Christmas Coloring Contest - $210 in prizes!

We're giving away lots of prizes in our free Christmas Coloring Contest.

There are three age categories - under 10, 10-13, 14 and over, and anyone can enter.

In each category there are 3 prizes...
  • Best Christmas Coloring Page. 
    Color in any of the free Christmas Coloring Pages
    Prize = $20 Amazon gift card.
  • Best "Draw Your Own" picture. 
    Start with any of the blank and border pages, and use the brush tools to create a Christmas picture.
    Prize = $20 Amazon gift card.
  • Best non-Christmas page made Christmassy.
    Take any other coloring page, and make it Christmassy.  Let your imagination run wild!
    Prize = $30 Amazon gift card.
That's 9 prizes in all, with total prizes of $210.

The contest runs from 1st December to 21st December 2012, so that we can get the prizes out in time for Christmas.

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